Trainalda Lda, was born from the desire to offer the food market a high quality aluminum product at a competitive price.
With the commitment of a specialized and experienced team, Trainalda offers a wide range of aluminum packaging solutions for the food industry and services, with the target market for the resale packaging market. The products supplied are subject to strict quality controls, from the selection of raw materials to production and delivery to each customer, ensuring a quick response to each order.

Aluminum: an ideal sustainable material to pack your food

Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is extracted from bauxite. It is used for the production of packaging, aluminum with a high degree of purity and that contains other elements in small quantities to give him characteristics specific to each application. The properties of aluminum make this a material of excellence. It is also a sustainable material as it can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality. Its properties – high conductivity, easy formability, high strength, impermeability to water and oxygen, and sterility for microbial growth, among many others – make this material a material of excellence as a material to pack its products. To learn more about aluminum as an excellent material for food packaging, see